Application:  Blues songwriting – Build-Your-Own Blues “Woke Up This Morning”

Domain Areas

  • Social: participating in musical activities
  • Cognitive: comprehension
  • Communication: speech and vocal characteristics
  • Affective: emotional responses to musical stimuli and text of song
  • Music: vocal

This application would be used for clients to communicate with peers and MT, and to increase awareness of emotional response to music and text.

Application Explanation

  • MTS will ask each client to give one word describing how they were feeling that morning.
  • MTS will use formula “Woke up this mornin’, and I was feelin’ ____ / Woke up this mornin’, and I was feelin’ _____” and then improvise last two lines for each response while accompanying with a standard blues pattern on the guitar.
  • MTS will encourage clients to sing along with first two lines for each client’s response.

Submitted by: Grace Dubrowski