Domains: Communication & Social

Goal: Increase client-client and client-therapist eye contact, musical interaction (as demonstrated through listening and responding to other’s rhythms), and social interaction (as demonstrated through response to therapist’s directives, verbal prompts, and discussion questions).


  • MTS introduces a variety of handheld percussion instruments, asks clients to choose one, and allows time for instrument exploration/play.
  • MTS explains meaning of different physical directives (i.e. raising hands=louder, lower hands=quieter, pointing at two clients=clients switch instruments)
  • MTS asks a client to volunteer a simple improvised rhythm and directs half of the group to join in. MTS suggests or asks a different client to volunteer a complementary rhythm and directs other half of group to join in.
  • MTS gives physical directives throughout application, ensuring that each client switches instruments at least once. When appropriate, MTS asks clients to initiate their own instrument switches.
  • MTS gives positive reinforcement through praise and encouraging affect throughout.

Submitted by: Cathleen Flynn