Goal: to promote group interaction; promote awareness of others; also a good “ice breaker” activity

Population focus:  school-age children, adolescents, groups of mixed ages, psychiatric

Setting: Clients stand in a circle, MT in center of circle to start.  There are as many “spots” on the circle as there are clients, so one person will always be in the center of the circle. (spots can be marked with masking tape on the floor if necessary to keep the circle “in shape”)


MT starts by saying “trade places if you …… (like ice cream; are wearing blue; own a pet, etc.) This must be true for the person in the center saying it. 

Everyone for which the statement is also true scrambles to take the place of another client so as not to be left out and in the center of the circle.  But someone will be left in the center, and that person then says ” trade places if you ……”   and the game continues.

Brenda Siefferman