Population/Diagnosis: adults with developmental disabilities

Domain focus: Motor

Primary Goal or Outcome: to improve primary gross motor skills and attentive listening skills

Materials/Equipment Needed: bodies

Implementation Steps:

1)      MTS will explain that clients will be making a rain storm together; will stress that they need to stay as silent as possible throughout application once we start to play body percussion.

2)      MTS asks what noises you hear in a rain storm from clients (wind, light rain, heavy rain, thunder).

3)      Once answers are received, MTS will explain body percussion movements for each sound.

4)      Will stress that clients are not to start new action until they are directed to (with a physical cue).

5)      MTS will start to rub hands together; will then go around circle slowly and cue clients individually until every client is rubbing hands together.

6)      System will repeat with the following actions: snapping fingers, slapping thighs, stomping feet.

7)      Once all are stomping feet, continue process, but reverse all actions (slapping thighs, snapping fingers, rubbing hands together).

Submitted by: Grace Dubrowski