Population: older adults with dementia (can be adapted for variety of populations)
Domain Focus: social
Goal: increased peer eye contact
Materials: ocean drums (large enough to share but not too heavy) or large rainsticks, accompanying instrument if desired
  • MTS selects song that has something to do with water (“Down to the River to Pray”, “Singing in the Rain”, etc.)
  • MTS will ask clients to join her in singing song, accompanied or a cappella
  • MTS will position group members in pairs, sitting across from one another
  • MTS will pass ocean drums to pairs (may substitute rainsticks)
  • MTS will model playing technique and invite pairs to experiment with instrument sounds
  • MTS will begin song again and invite clients to play their “water” instruments along with singing
  • MTS will model and give hand-over-hand assistance as needed
  • MTS will encourage clients to work with partner, and will praise all attempts