This application is nice to use in school settings to energize the group.  You can use songs more suitable for specific age groups, but for younger classes We’re All In This Together from High School Musical is an appropriate and fun song choice.  You will need an i-pod and port or CD player for this application, having a remote for your port is suggested.

Objective: Given 1 verbal cue, Ct will freeze when the music stops                                                    

  1. MTS will explain the application
    1. move in the space in front of their chair when you hear the music
    2. Stop dancing/moving when the music stops
  2. MTS  will start and stop the music while MTS leader demonstrates as an example.
  3. MTS will give verbal cues and use names as needed to encourage engagement.
  4. MTS will start and stop the music appropriately, providing enough time for clients to respond.
  5. MTS will praise and reinforce all attempts and introduce the next application.