Application Title: “Come Together” with instrument groups
Objective: Given one verbal cue, client will play instrument at appropriate time during song.

a. MTS will give each client a choice between a shaker, rhythm sticks, or jingle bells, naming instruments and standing far enough away that client does not just instinctively grab the closest instrument
b. MTS will model how to play each instrument and have group listen to every client play his chosen instrument
c. MTSs will explain that clients should only play when she asks for the instrument they are using
d. MTSs will say that the entire group will play together when they sing “Come together/right now/over me”, and will have group practice playing their instruments while MTSs sing that phrase several times
e. With improvised lyric, MTS will invite clients playing a specific type of instrument to play during verses
f. During last two measures of each repetition through the verse, MTS will provide musical prompt that it’s everyone’s turn to play by singing “C’mon everybody won’t you play with me!”
g. MTSs will provide verbal and gestural cues and HOH assistance for individuals as needed
h. MTSs will give specific positive reinforcement throughout

Megan Neyer; Cathleen Flynn