Materials Needed
– gathering drum
– large mallet
– four hand drums
– 10 color slips

1. MTS will lay out floor drum and four additional hand drums
2. MTS will ask client to help decide which color slip should go on each drum
3. Once all ten colors have been placed (six on floor drum), MTS will hand client large mallet
4. MTS will review with client where each color is
5. MTS will point to various objects in the room and ask client to hit the corresponding color
6. MTS will then sing the color song written to “Wheels on the Bus” for each object, having L fill-in-the-blank with the appropriate color
Song Example: “___’s shirt is (blue) today, (blue) today, (blue) today. ___’s shirt is (blue) today, ___’s shirt is (blue)”
7. If MTS feels appropriate, she will point to objects with two or more colors and repeat process
8. MTS will praise throughout

Submitted by: Grace Dubrowski