The objective is adaptable; could target range of motion, social interaction, hand-eye coordination, initiating purposeful movement, etc.

Objective: Client will independently sustain attention by playing an instrument for 2 consecutive minutes during instrument play.
a. MTS will give a medium-sized paddle drum to two clients who are sitting on opposite sides of the circle and give other group members lap drums
b. MTSs will demonstrate tossing the balloon or ball onto the client’s paddle drum and letting it bounce off (will try balloon and ball to see which works better)
c. MTS will begin “Center Field” (John Fogerty) recording and encourage group members to begin playing lap drums to the beat, giving HOH assistance as needed
d. MTS will begin tossing balloon/ball back and forth between clients with paddle drum , encouraging them to try to hit it as able or just to let it bounce
e. MTSs will encourage all attempts and encourage group members to assist one another as appropriate