Objectives may include sequencing/creating logical narrative; word finding (by filling in blanks with appropriate information); self-expression; increasing musical and/or social engagement

• MTS will ask client if he would be interested in making another song together
• MTS will show client five picture cards and ask him to choose which ones he would like to write a song about (Ex: car, family, sports game, animals, movie theater, guitar etc.)
• When client has chosen pictures, MTS will ask him to arrange them into a story that they could sing about
• MTS will leave lyrical blanks for client within song (such as “If M had a car, the color would be ____”)
• MTS will leave musical space for client to fill in word and give one verbal prompt if needed
• MTS will encourage all attempts

Experience may be adapted for various functioning levels giving client more/less responsibility in structuring story and choosing pictures.