This is a song lyric writing and discussion application.  It is really two applications put together.  Sharon Boyle and I came up with this for my practicum at BHU.  Learning to Fly is a great song for other populations as well though such as individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, older adults, and one to have on your repertoire list.  Discussion questions are just examples, obviously the questions would depend on the group and their focus.   Enjoy!

Song Lyric Discussion

    • MTS will play “Learning to Fly” by Tom Petty and instruct pts to just take a moment and listen.
    • MTS will lead discussion on that receptive experience and write down responses on the whiteboard.
      • How was that experience?  What were you focusing on this time?  What did you like?  What did you not like?  Tell me about the song and the feel of the song?  What do you think the artist was trying to convey?
    • MTS will play through song again but pass out lyrics sheets first and instruct pts to focus on the lyrics.
    • Discussion will be held afterwards reflecting on the experience and the difference between listening to it and listening to it with lyric sheet
      • Tell me about that experience?  How was the experience different between just listening and listening while reading the lyrics?  Did a particular phrase stick out to you, why?  Tell me how this song/lyrics affected you physically?  In your mind and thoughts?  In your emotions and feelings?  What do you think the songwriter was trying to convey?  Did it bring up any memories either with the lyrics, song style, or the song itself?  What made this song [insert words they used]?
    • If appropriate MTS will lead grp in brief discussion to change specific words to make the song more personal and incorporate their responses into the refrain of the song.
  • I’m learning to fly, but I ain’t got wings
    Coming down is the hardest thing

I’m learning to [blank], but I ain’t got [blank]
[blank] is the hardest thing
Discussion will be held after song writing experience, reflecting on the pts experience

  • Have you ever done anything like this before?  How was this experience? Tell me how it was to work together as a group to write your own version of this song?  How did this experience differ both individually and as a whole group from just listening?  Did this change how you were feeling?  What could you have done to make it more {use one of their terms]?

-by Mallory Tanis ’16 with credit to Sharon Boyle M.M., MT-BC