Here are two applications I used in my last session with the adaptations I used.  These were for a 1:1 session in an elementary school setting.


Application Title: _Five, Green and Speckled Frogs___

Expected outcome: Ct will place the frogs in prompted area 100% of the time.

  • MTS will introduce song and play it through
    • Adapted lyrics for this session included: Five different colored frogs, sitting on a rain stick log, eating the most delicious bugs; yum, yum!  The [color] one  jumped … where it was nice and …[rhyming description] and now there are four colored frogs
  • MTS will encourage ct to follow what the song says and place the frogs around when prompted
    • If appropriate MTS can ask ct to pick the next place
    • Places include but are not limited to: By the door, on the chair, on an instrument, by the teacher/observer, etc.
    • Example: The blue one jumped on the chair where it was nice and fair
  • MTS will praise as appropriate at the end and encourage ct to gather the frogs together


Application Title: _In the Classroom”________

Expected outcome: Ct. will engage in application by playing the prompted instrument 100% of the time.

  • MTS will lay out all of the instruments
    • Instrument choices include but are not limited to pentatonic xylophone, egg shakers, small bongos/finger drums, kokiriko, and frog rasp.
  • MTS will remind/test ct about instrument names and how to play them as appropriate
  • MTS will play through “In the Jungle” to remind/show ct the song
  • MTS will introduce/play through the song with lyrics about the current setting/situation
    • “In the classroom, Ms. Goff’s classroom, ct plays the…
  • MTS will play through the song instructing ct to play different instruments
    • MTS will ask ct what instrument to play next if appropriate
  • MTS will give solo spots as appropriate


-Mallory Tanis ’16